All Saints' Parish Church                         
Eglantine Road, Lisburn.       

War Graves

All Saints, Eglantine is situated close to the Second World War airbase RAF Long Kesh

During the course of the war twenty-one aircrew from Great Britain and the Empire were killed and are buried in Eglantine Grave Yard.

Ashard R.E 1409954 A/man 1st Cl RAF 19-Jul-45    
Aspinall M.J.W   Fl Off RCAF 23-Jul-43 22  
Aston O 1880856 Sgt RAF 19-Mar-45 19 Air Gunner
Bramwell J 1458644 Sgt RAF 14-Mar-44 21 Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
Chabara A.J R131724 Fl Sgt RCAF 16-Sep-43 25 Wireless Operator
Connell F.A   Fl Off RAAF 23-Nov-43 22  
Eaglen R.D 1027840 Sgt RAF 23-Jul-43 21 Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
Edge R.J 1895861 Sgt RAF 19-Mar-45 23 Air Gunner
Fenn B 357151 War Off RAF 27-May-46 49  
Galvin A.J 417044 Fl Off RNZAF 14-Mar-44 23 Pilot
Gibbison A.G 424976 Fl Sgt RNZAF 18-Nov-43 22 Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
Holmes W.I 416205 Fl Off RNZAF 19-Mar-45 23 Pilot
Hook R.P.S 1603654 Sgt RAF 19-Mar-44 22 Flight Engineer
Keane J.R   Fl Off RAAF 29-Nov-43 26  
McCallum N.F.D 418001 Fl Sgt RAAF 29-Nov-43 23  
Mullins W.M 418542 Fl Sgt RAAF 29-Nov-43 29  
Potter A.G 417302 Fl Sgt RAAF 23-Jul-43 30  
Pryde A.J   Fl Off RAAF 19-Mar-45 23  
Sulsh S.A   Pl Off RAF 20-Apr-45 39 Flight Engineer
Taubman K.J 424560 Fl Sgt RAAF 08-Aug-44 22  
Vance G.E   Fl Off RCAF 15-Apr-44 22 Pilot

Memorial Window

A Memorial window was Installed and Dedicated in 1990 During the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Britan.



Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them.