All Saints' Parish Church                         
Eglantine Road, Lisburn.       


Spiritual seasons come into our lives just like the earthly seasons which God brings each year - Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter -which would you say is your favourite season and why? I would have to say summer is mine! I love the warmth of Summer and the expectation of a nice holiday abroad.

Here in this country our seasons can be confusing. Even now in the beginning of February, we can go from sunny, warm temperatures one day, and then drop back down to frost or snow the next. What if our favourite season lasted all year round? What if there was only one season? God knew what he was doing when he created the different seasons. The earth needs each of them, and we need the different seasons he brings into our lives too.

Just like nature has four different seasons, our lives seem to have different spiritual seasons too. There is this season of Spring when everything seems to be new and blooming. Spiritually we may find this time of year to be so refreshing and full of hope. Lambs in the fields and new life all around us.

Hearing and receiving God's word, participating in the sacraments, praying & spending time with God everyday is new and fresh.  We feel renewed and fresh, and indeed we are. Christ has not only come into our lives and changed us, he has exchanged his life for ours. 

Seasons come more than once though, and so during our spiritual life we get to enjoy several springs along the way as God brings new growth as we dwell in his garden. Spring is certainly a time of beauty and new growth.  However, showers still come in nature as well as life.  God uses them to help us grow in him, and although he does not promise us a trial or rain-free life, he does promise to be with us in the storms. When we find ourselves complaining about the seasons or daily weather, let it remind us to look for his many blessings and be thankful. Let it remind us that God is at work in every season - especially in the seasons of our lives.

Rev Jason