From The Rector
 All Saints' Parish Church                         
Eglantine Road, Lisburn.       
Here we are almost at the end of the Summer and the weather for us has been
strangely pleasant. I have heard many people say how much they have enjoyed the
sunshine and warmth, while others have complained that it was too much for them!
This has been one of the best Summers in a very long time and although it is
heaven for some, it has been difficult for our faming community due to the lack of
rain. In this part of the world we are not used to such climes. I often hear some of
our older parishioners talk about the Summers of their youth, the long nights and
the nostalgia of days gone past.
As we approach Autumn, it is inevitable that the weather will change once again.
Nights will be darker, colder and rain will fall once again. The seasons of the year
are very much like the seasons of our lives– constantly changing, unpredictable,
bringing both the best and worst experiences into our human existence.
Scripture makes it very clear however, that one thing will not change and that is the
love of God for his creation. God has created each season for a reason—all in
keeping with his plan for Salvation. I love the hymn ‘Through all the changing
scenes of life’. It was written by George T. Smart and encourages us to keep in
mind that God is ultimately in control. I am also encouraged by that wonderful verse
from Scripture that says, ‘ Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and

Rev Jason