All Saints' Parish Church                         
Eglantine Road, Lisburn.       


On 13th October we will be celebrating our Harvest Festival.

An opportunity we have every year to thank God for his great provision for our lives. Traditionally we think particularly of the fruit, vegetables, grain and all that goes to produce food for us, and we thank God for providing it. But in reality, the good things God provides also includes the clothes on our backs, the furniture around us, the roof over our heads, and the money in our pockets. Every single thing in this world has been ultimately provided by God. Even if the raw ingredients have been worked and altered by

human beings, when we go back to the original source, it is God who

provides it for us. That is what we thank him for at Harvest Thanksgiving.
There is a verse in Matthew’s Gospel (9 v37) where Jesus says to his

followers ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few’. In that, he is using the image of harvest to describe about proclaiming the kingdom of God. The harvest is the hearts of people who are converted to believe, when they had not been before. The role of all of the church is to be like farm workers, bringing in that harvest: helping to tell others about God’s love. All of us, who are members of the body of Christ here in Eglantine, have a share in that role. Our role in the body of Christ is something he gives us – it is not something we choose for ourselves, or pick out in someone else. He provides all that is needed for us to be able to fulfil the task he gives us. As Christians, we are members of the body of Christ, and God wants to use us. When you’re tempted to say ‘God can’t use me’, remember you are in good company. Many people in the Bible could have thought the same.

Rev Jason