All Saints' Parish Church                         
Eglantine Road, Lisburn.       


Summertime. A time of year that brings a smile to the face of almost everyone. It is a time of year when children are freed from the responsibilities of school, families and friends gather together for picnics or barbeques and share a moment of love and friendship. As Summer

begins, we should all take a few moments to reflect upon the meaning of this special God-given season and thank Him for it.

Summer often acts like a Sabbath for the year. After God created the world, we are told in Genesis that he rested. Likewise, students and people in the work force work diligently through the year, and summertime provides a period of rest and refreshment after long hours of labour.  Holidays are an opportunity to relax from our normal busyness; to do something different; to explore something or somewhere new; to catch up with some of those jobs that you have been meaning to do; and, perhaps above all, to re-bond with family and friends.

Our lives as Christians consist of three main ingredients – work, rest and prayer. Work

includes anything we are committed to do whether or not we are paid to do it. For young

people, work is what they do at school. Rest is what occupies our time when we are not

working, and includes holidays, following interests/hobbies and literally putting our feet up! Prayer is more than just saying prayers, but about a deepening relationship with God, and therefore includes worship and sharing in the life of a Christian community as it seeks to love people in God’s name. Holidays are a golden opportunity to spend time reflecting on all this and maybe taking some steps to adjust our use of time, and begin to discover that prayer, rest, work is a refreshing and rewarding way to lead our lives day by day.  I pray that God will bless each and every one of us with a summer of fun and joy. May we emerge from this

season more rested to do God’s work, more committed to serve God’s people, and more in love with our God who created and loves us.                                             Rev Jason