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Work to Bells, August 2019

It was recently noticed that one of the bells was not striking correctly, it was previously noticed during the roofing work that there was some corrosion around some of the pullies at the bells.

Considering this work off is a specialist nature (height and work required) it was necessary to commission a steeplejack company to inspect the Bell cote and bells. Rainey Steeplejacks were contacted and with the assistance of Brian Rainey carried out a visual inspection which revealed that while all the main steelwork and stonework was structurally sound there was severe corrosion to two six pulleys and fraying to the operating cable, some corrosion was also noted to the striker on the top bell. While a little worrying there was nothing major considering that the last major work was carried out in 1958 when the bells were recast.

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As the bells are an integral part of the church the work was considered as necessary and should be done before winter. Work started in mid-August which consisted of removing all damaged pulleys and cables, stripping of old paint and minor corrosion to structural steelwork, specialist cleaning of bells, priming and painting of steelwork. Refitting new pulleys and arm (which was fabricated in stainless steel) installing new stainless-steel operating cable. Minor alterations to the striker were needed on the top bell.

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Hopefully this work will keep the bells operational for another 61years!